Water temp gauge adapater for gsxr engines    
  Gsxr water outlet plate, can be used with several fitting combinations.  
Gsxr  -8 oil cooler fitting Fitting for ALL GSXR-1000.Bolts in case and has 1/8" pipe thread for oil pressure guage. -6AN compression fitting,fits stock fuelrail and fuel pump,we cut this fitting for proper fit,
$20.00 $25.00 $15.00
2009 thru 2014 gsxr1000 o-ringed -8 oil line adapters 6 quick disconnect fitting for fuel rail and fuel pump, fits most engines   2011 thru 2016 ZX10 oil pressure fitting, has 1/8 pipe thread so you can use different fittings
$20.00 each $15.00 each $25.00 each
2011 thru 2016 zx10 water pump tube with -12 fitting and has a tee outlet so you can use the stock water line going to the oil cooler, Also has place for a wrench to hold tube during tightening so water pump housing does not get damaged.  2011 thru 2016 zx10 water outlet plate, Plate is threaded so you can use different fittings. Also the starter can be removed without draining the water and removing the plate unlike the stock housing. Steel driveshaft adapters, no need to modify the sleeve or the nut and they are way stronger.
$50.00 $30.00 each $120.00